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CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

CPD is encouraged or mandatory in most professions and many industries.  CPD can involve any relevant learning activity, whether formal and structured or informal and self-directed.

CPD Guidelines

  • needs to be relevant to the Academy framework
  • maximum of one CPD submission per module
  • maximum of one submission per hands on training module
  • CPD submissions must cover activities such as on the job  learning, supplier training, projects, problem solving, research and conferences.

FIA's CPD Framework

  • maximum of 10 points can be achieved per CPD submission
  • each submission is a record of what you have experienced, learned and applied or intend to apply.
  • 200 - 500 words per submission
  • CPD points are added to the total achieved with module exams
  • CertFA is 100 points and a DipFA is 150 points both highly valued in the industry

You can make a CPD submission using a simple online form and we'll email a copy to you for your personal records. Submissions are assessed by FIAuk Academy members and allocated CPD points. We'll email you again to confirm the score that has been added to your points summary, which you can view in your profile.

New CPD submission

Hands-On Training

FIAuk now offers free hands on training for Academy students which can be used as part of your CPD portfolio.

The training days are being held at partners’ premises throughout the year and dates will be added to the Academy at regular intervals.

The courses are designed to complement the Academy so you have a better understanding seeing the material at first hand. It is suggested that students complete the relevant modules before attending but this is not obligatory.

There is no fee for the training but students are expected to organise and fund their own travel arrangements.

Forthcoming Training dates are:

Sun Chemical (Inks) - Tuesday 25th June

Sun Chemical (Inks)- Tuesday 8th October

Sandon Global (Anilox Rolls) - Thursday 10th October 2024

JM Heaford & Tesa (Tapes/Mounting & Proofing) - Tuesday 15th October 2024

Flint Group (Inks) - Wednesday 11th September 2024

Contact Originators (Flexo Plates) - Friday 27th September 2024

If you are interested and would like to attend any of the above dates please email us at